Realin Ltd is a Finnish company that provides software and cloud services for utilizing sensor data in processes and products. The company is specialized in sensor data management, sensor system integrations, sensor data analytics, and web applications.

Realin Ltd was founded in 2013 after a three year research project between the founding companies and Tampere University of Technology.

Realin Ltd is owned by operative personnel and the founding partner companies Fatman Oy, Fidelix Oy, Nordic ID Oy and Tuotekehitys Oy Tamlink.


  • Valto Koskinen
  • Business development manager
  • Phone: +358 45 617 2747
  • Email: valto.koskinen (at)
  • Jukka Suhonen
  • Managing director, Dr. Tech.
  • Phone: +358 50 475 3220
  • Email: jukka.suhonen (at)


  • Harri Kiviniemi, CFO, Fidelix Oy
  • Jari Erkkilä, COO, Tamlink Oy
  • Mika Karttunen, CTO, Nordic ID Oy
  • Ossi Talvitie, Board member, Fatman Oy
  • Pekka Suontausta, SW application owner, ABB Oy
  • Marko Hännikäinen, Co-founder, Realin Oy