Creating sensor data services

Realin uses sensor data for creating new applications and services. Realin's software solutions integrate sensors to IP networks, manage and analyze sensor data, and create web applications.

The sensor data can contain real-time measurements, identification, location, and imaging data streams, and existing databases. Realin integrates to different sensor data sources, such as building automation, databases, wireless sensors, IoT devices, and cloud services.

Realin offers software solutions and customized services. Realin implements and maintains services in cloud or fully locally on customer's own servers, and provides software maintenance and user support. More on the Realin's solutions and new possibilities with sensor data in this leaflet.

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Indoor conditions

Realin acquires indoor condition information from different sources, such as building automation, sensor devices, and weather forecasts from public data sources. The real-time measurements of temperature, humidity, energy consumption, etc. and summary reports are available via easy-to-use web application.

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Storage maintenance and RFID

Storage maintenance and logistics are implemented using RFID and barcode readers that are connected to the Realin cloud service. Product inventory is available in real-time and automatic reports are generated on changes. The RFID service is easy to deploy as no server infrastructure or maintenance is needed by the customer.

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Other use cases

Realin's solutions are excellent for providing user interfaces for sensor data, integration of different data systems, healthcare applications, monitoring of machinery condition, and logistics services. The solutions integrate data from different data sources, ranging from wireless sensors to open data sources and industrial processes.


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Measure, control, and integrate

Realin integrates different sensor data sources, such as wireless sensor networks, building automation, databases, and other M2M systems.


Store and analyze

Realin server software can be deployed on local server, an embedded computer, or hosted in cloud. The software is easy to adapt and extend for application needs.


Manage and report

Measurements, alarms and composed reports are available with easy to use web service. Data can also be connected to different M2M systems.

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Service customization

Realin provides an advanced service platform which enables rapid service deployments without a time consuming software project.

The Realin's service platform supports the integration of different sensor data sources, executing data analyses, and building customized applications and services. Realin implements and maintains the services in cloud or on customer's private servers.